PacSim Strengthens Partnership with IAANZ Through Sale of Collimated Visual Display System

March, 2024

PacSim, a leading provider of fixed base flight training devices and accessories for pilot training, has further strengthened its long-term partnership with the International Aviation Academy of New Zealand (IAANZ) through the sale of a state-of-the-art, 9-foot collimated visual system.

This move is set to elevate the training experience for IAANZ’s students and pilots, putting them at the forefront of advanced visual display technology in the Asia Pacific region.

The newly acquired visual system boasts a 200-degree horizontal x 40-degree vertical collimator mirror, representing a significant advancement in the quality of visual display available to IAANZ.

This enhancement is expected to have a profound impact on training outcomes, providing students and pilots with a more realistic and immersive simulation experience.

By integrating this collimated visual display system, IAANZ aims to raise the bar in pilot training, equipping its students with the latest technologies to hone their skills and prepare them for real-world aviation challenges.

This advancement further cements IAANZ’s position as one of the most reputable pilot training organisations in the Asia Pacific region, emphasising its commitment to providing cutting-edge training solutions.

The collaboration between PacSim and IAANZ underscores a shared dedication to pushing the boundaries of pilot training, and the recent sale is a testament to the ongoing evolution of visual display systems within the industry.

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Russell Hubber, Chief Executive Officer 

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