Boeing 737 FJ2000

Open Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT)

The FJ2000 is a fixed-base, open-cockpit training device. It is designed to be used in a classroom environment as a systems and procedures trainer.

With a small footprint and low upfront investment, the FJ2000 is a complete alternative to an FPT (Flat Panel Trainer) or IPT (Integrated Procedures Trainer) which typically uses touch-screen panels.

The FJ2000 offers the same level of certification and training applications as an FPT or IPT, but with fully tactile panels, switches and levers – and equivalent in price (if not cheaper).

The device also includes the option for integrated systems schematics software to display active diagrams for the major aircraft systems on touch-screen monitors.


Key Features

  • Fixed-base Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT)
  • Available in Boeing 737NG configuration
  • Selected OEM aircraft parts
  • Extensive aircraft systems modelling
  • Genuine OEM Flight Management System
  • Advanced autopilot and flight director systems
  • Surround stereo sound system and floor shakers
  • Available with HD TV monitors or direct projection visual
  • Global scenery and navigation database
  • Instructors Station with extensive features
  • Meets EASA, FAA, ICAO certifications
  • Low maintenance and running costs

Training Applications

  • Type Ratings (TR)
  • Multicrew Pilots License preparation training (MPL)
  • Multicrew Cooperation preparation training (MCC)
  • Command upgrade training
  • Recurrency training
  • Jet Transition / Jet Orientation Courses
  • Procedural and SOPs training
  • Systems familiarisation training
  • Simulator assessments for pilot recruitment
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) training
  • Flight Deck Orientation and Familiarisation Courses
  • Human Factors courses

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